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Mr. Blood Talks His New Tracks "I Remember" and "Feel Good"

What’s new with Mr Blood?

"Despite all that is happening around the world I have been busy in studio since last year and working on music for 2020. So far I have released.. Read Full Post »

Megan Thee Stallion Won't Call 'Suga' an Album

Megan Thee Stallion is Marie Claire's May cover star. In the issue, she talks about her latest project, Suga, that's been a long time coming after a nasty legal battle with her first record label. Despite its success, the rapper explains why she doesn't want you to call Suga an album...Read Full Post »

Mr. Veejay Talks Song Writing & That Break from Music

What's new with Mr. Veejay?

"Many would have noticed that I haven't released any music since my last Chutney Soca single entitled "Twin Brother" in 2018. This was due to some medical procedures in 2019 that put me at a halt from taking part in seasonal activities. I used this time to not only relax but also reflect on my career and improve in certain aspects.... Read Full Post »