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50 Cent Expected His Tony Yayo Relationship To Be Similar To Jay Z & Kanye West's

Posted by Admin on April 15, 2014 at 5:10 AM

Queens rapper 50 Cent’s commentary on his fellow G-Unit members, particularly Tony Yayo, continued this month as he spoke on the sense of entitlement some artists have, during an interview with Philadelphia-based radio station Hot 107.9.


50 named Yayo as an artist who he believes felt he was owed something or should have been given freely to thanks to 50 Cent’s success.


He also revealed that at the start of their music careers, he expected the relationship between himself and Yayo to be similar to that of Jay Z and Kanye West’s.


“I think that his frustration when he gets a little frustrated it goes, ‘Or you could just give it to me.’ Like ‘Why do I have to do it if you can just give it to me,’” 50 Cent said. “When it’s like, ‘But who’s gonna give it to me?’ I gotta work for everything that I have…He had an easier perception of how things actually took place…What were my expectations? I was expecting possibly for us to have that—what Jay Z experienced with Kanye.”


In addition to Yayo, 50 Cent says Olivia and Young Buck were two artists who he also gave freely to. But in the end, the G-Unit helmsman says he was out of $250,000 due to a loan he gave Young Buck and $600,000 for a home he bought Olivia.


“When me and Buck fell out, he owed me $250,000,” he said. “Let’s say that G-Unit member owes me a quarter of a million dollars. When Olivia, when we ended up resolving that she had a home that I purchased for $600,000…When I’m constantly having to face the reality of how people actually conduct themselves in business, it doesn’t make any sense. Like when you say, ‘Because we’ve been friends I should just give it to you.’ It’s like they really feel like ‘Yo, come on you got it. Just give it to me.’”


Towards the end of his interview with Hot 107.9, 50 Cent was asked how he felt about the lack of genuine artists in Hip Hop. He said that artists portraying something that they aren’t has become the norm in today’s music.


“I don’t think it means anything anymore,” the rapper said. “In the very beginning when I fell in love with it, it was everything. It was important that you actually was writing something that related to your lifestyle or your actual experience. And it was what made you special as an artist. You didn’t get a chance to just say and do anything. But now I don’t think the audience that consumes it actually is aware of it. So they just accept what sounds good.”


Although 50 Cent has addressed the status of his relationship with those in G-Unit on several occasions, he’s become even more vocal in his commentary about the group following remarks Tony Yayo made in February.


According to, in a handful of comments made on Instagram, Yayo informed fans that G-Unit was not together and that 50 Cent was not “rocking” with him or Lloyd Banks.

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