HOTT 95.3 FM

Hott 95.3FM............Feel The Heat!

What is the HOTT 95.3 Web site?
It's a site that extends our HOTT 95.3 brand to create a compelling local lifestyle portal. In simple terms: It's a MUST SEE destination.

HOTT953.COM isn't just about the radio station - it's about the Lifestyle

Reggae, Dancehall, Soca, Hiphop & R&B, Clubs, Sports, Video, New Releases, Weather, News, Movies, & Events

The Advertising Campaign Never Stops!

HOTT 95.3 FM and - Perfect Complements!
  • Audio and visual
  • Open 24/7
  • extends the reach of the radio station
  • finishes what HOTT 95.3 starts - it's visual, tangible, targetable, interactive and transactional

Now Advertisers have the ability to interact and transact at the consumer's peak time of interest!


Advertise online with!
HOTT 95.3 is increasing its marketing potential for your advertising needs by offering an integrated marketing solution. This integrated solution will help your company succeed in reaching your target audience in Barbados.

The relationship between radio and the internet presents an unprecedented opportunity, a visual component to your audio campaign. By combining radio and internet, you are able to extend your advertising reach, substantially increase your message frequency, maintain awareness between campaigns, maximize your advertising investment and reach the consumers on the go and on the information Super Highway - the internet!

Marketing is a matter of successfully creating a positive association for your product(s) or service(s) in the mind of the consumer and therefore it is crucial that marketing campaigns include both audio and visual components. HOTT 95.3's integrated media marketing can help your company achieve both. offers your company several different options... interactive, radio and integrated solutions. We create packages that allow the advertiser to reach their target effectively through sponsorships, feature placements, listings and interactive contests. In addition, we offer a variety of packaged and customizable elements to meet your advertising needs.

For More Information contact Mr. Vilmore Johnson (246) 430-7300 or email