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College Cheating Scam: Hallmark drops Accused Actress Lori Loughlin

US TV network Hallmark has dropped one of its biggest stars, Hollywood actress Lori Loughlin, over her alleged role in a college cheating scam. ...Read Full Post »

T.I. Compares His Resume To Tupac's: "Impossible To Duplicate"

T.I recently claimed that no other rapper has been able to duplicate Pac's wide-ranging success—well, except for him.

"Any way you slice it... I'm the very best at what I do... impossible to duplicate... accept no substitution!" T.I. declared on Instagram this week.  ...Read Full Post »

Jonas Brothers Notch First Billboard Hot 100 No. 1 as 'Sucker' Blasts In On Top

Jonas Brothers' comeback single "Sucker" rockets onto the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart (dated March 16) at No. 1, marking their first leader on the list....Read Full Post »



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